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my CS Forum 2011 London presentation: “is your content worth it? prove it.”

This presentation was given at CS Forum 2011 London is a very simple and easy to use analysis method and process for providing the right metrics for measuring your content. The outcome that can be achieved by using this method in its entirety is that it aligns your efforts from strategic to tactical to operational and provides a repeatable, proven and consistent results. This method combines several methods I have developed over the years, including the worksheet I always use with all my analytic engagements, along with a method called Functionalism by Gary Angel.


CS Forum topic: the value of content

The following is my direct submission to CS Forum and what you will find on the CS Forum website for this presentation…

Is your content worth it? Prove it.“ 
Unless you’re publishing blank HTML pages, you have content. But what’s the value of your content? What content are you measuring, and is it achieving its goals? How are you allocating funding and resources for content, and why?

For many organisations these questions are answered by a “gut check”, or worse—they aren’t asked at all. Imagine what would happen if you knew that your images were outperforming your videos by 300%. What processes would you change? How would you reallocate funding? How much could you save on production and storage costs?

Marko will help you prove what content is and isn’t working on your site by teaching a simple, proven, and repeatable process for understanding the goals of your content and creating easy-to-use success metrics.

What you’ll learn

  1. Basic content measurement metrics
  2. How to align your messaging and measurement to your content goals
  3. How to set up a content measurement programme


CSforum2011 London Marko Hurst-ProveContentValue from Marko Hurst
Download the Podcast (35MB)

CS Forum presentation mentions around the web

I would like to personally thank all of those who chose to hear my presentation amongst other great options that I myself wanted to hear. And give a special thanks to those who went a step further to say something about my presentation…

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  • Rhiannan Walton – flickr photo – me presenting on stage

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