Metal material

A metal material refers to a material having properties such as gloss, ductility, conductivity, heat transfer and the like. Generally divided into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals include iron, chromium, manganese, and the like. Steel is the basic structural material called “industrial bone”. Due to advances in science and technology, the wide application of various new chemical materials and new non-metallic materials has led to an increase in the number of substitutes for steel and a relative decline in demand for steel Steel Metal. But so far, the dominant position of steel in the composition of industrial raw materials is still difficult to replace.

Metal materials are usually classified into ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and specialty metallic materials.

Metal material

1 ferrous metal is also called steel material, including industrial pure iron with total impurity content <0.2% and carbon content not exceeding 0.0218%, steel with carbon content of 0.0218%~2.11%, and cast iron with carbon content greater than 2.11%. The broad ferrous metals also include chromium, manganese and their alloys.

2 Non-ferrous metals refer to all metals and alloys other than iron, chromium and manganese. They are usually classified into light metals, heavy metals, precious metals, semi-metals, rare metals and rare earth metals. The strength and hardness of non-ferrous alloys are generally higher than those of pure metals. And the resistance is large and the temperature coefficient of resistance is small.

3 special metal materials include structural metal materials and functional metal materials for different purposes. Among them are amorphous metal materials obtained by rapid condensation process, as well as quasi-crystal, microcrystalline, nanocrystalline metal materials, Stainless Steel Tubing etc.; and special functional alloys such as stealth, hydrogen, superconductivity, shape memory, wear resistance, vibration damping and the like. And metal matrix composite materials.

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