PV module production process

The photovoltaic scaffold roof system was built in the early stage, paying attention to the structure type of the roof, and the tile structure is still the color steel tile. Prepare the necessary measurement and inspection tools. Understand the necessary information for the construction, obtain the house structure map, and help to calculate detailed parameters such as roof load.

Detect the orientation and orientation of the roof, the skewed viewpoint,c profile steel and so on. The scale of the roof structure, such as the tile type, the tile scale, the dimensions and distance of the main beam, the beam, and so on. Fully survey and construct the surrounding environment, such as obstructions. Understand future planning between regions to facilitate long-term use of the stent system.

PV module production process

PV module production process:

The first step of single-chip soldering: soldering the cell sheets to the interconnect strips (tin-coated copper strips) to prepare the series of cells.

The second step of series welding: the battery pieces are connected in series according to a certain number.

The third step of lamination: the battery string continues to be connected, and the battery is protected by glass, EVA film, and TPT back plate.

The fourth step of lamination: the cell sheet and glass, EVA film, TPT back sheet are bonded together under certain temperature, pressure and vacuum conditions.

Step 5: Frame the glass with an aluminum frame for easy installation.

Step 6 Cleaning: Ensure the appearance of the components.

Step 7 Electrical Performance Test: Test the insulation performance and power generation of the components

Finally packaged into the warehouse.

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