Sharp cornered steel profiles

At the point when fashioners in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction enterprises see the name Stainless Structurals, they obviously consider our normal pure auxiliary segments. We are something beyond a basic profile organization omega profile manufacturer. Did you realize we can create both carbon and tempered steel segments in a wide range of composites and in an assortment of shapes, including level bar? Discover progressively about our full item contributions underneath.

Profile and Alloy Offerings

The most widely recognized treated steel amalgams that we produce our segments in are 304/L, 316/L and 2205 Duplex. With our laser combination innovation, these are not by any means the only compounds we can do in hardened steel. We can deliver the majority of our standard areas like pillars, channels, points, tees just as custom segments like sharp cornered tubing in spotless amalgams, for example, 309, 310,317/L, 321, 904/L, 2507 and the sky is the limit from there.

Did you know Stainless Structurals now offers Duplex Stainless level bar. Alongside the duplex combinations, we can likewise offer standard 20-foot length level bars in these equivalent intriguing compounds that we produce our basic areas in. These level bars arrive in an impacted and cured completion on each of the four sides making it a genuine bar.

In carbon steel, the most widely recognized combination is A36, pursued intently by evaluation 50. Our item contributions in the carbon steel compounds are for the most part for custom areas or for ventures that require sharp cornered profiles. For the most part, these are for design applications or uncovered areas that must meet AESS rules.

Full Customization of Stainless and Carbon Steel Profiles

Spotless Structurals’ laser combination generation technique has numerous advantages. Alongside delivering a sharp cornered profile, this innovation takes into account practically full customization. Stature, Width, Length, Thickness and Alloy are on the whole adaptable inside our creation parameters. These parameters are profile subordinate however include:

Thickness: 3/16″ to 1-1/4″

Width up to 16 inches

Tallness up to 25 inches

Length up to 50 feet

For custom amalgams, we can create in an assortment of carbon and tempered steel grades. The greater part of these can be found here on our site. One standard guideline is if the permit is weldable, we can deliver with our laser combination innovation. Items accessible in these amalgams incorporate level bar, square and square shape tubing, bar, channel, edge, and tee segments.

Making Your Design a Reality

At Stainless Structurals, we will likely support the specialists, planners, and originators to meet their definite task needs and necessities, in any event, for the most mind boggling venture. Our creation advances are outfitted towards making these plans a reality. We comprehend the requirement for the basic pure and carbon steel combinations yet in addition know there are numerous applications that require uncommon composites. Reach us today to become familiar with the many combinations and profiles that we make to address your issue.

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